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Particular attention is paid to the Investments, Development and Research Projects area. The company stands out for its continuous technological implementation and performance improvement, aimed to create new products with a low environmental impact.
Two laboratories, one mission: continuous improvement – We built two chemicla laboratories. The first guarantees quality control and systematic verification of products with over 500 formulas.
The second is dedicated to applied research: studying new solutions for the effectiveness of products in compliance with environmental sustainability, the protection of the end user and the protection of operators by optimizing performance. The development also includes investments in improving logistics, distribution and automation processes. Furthermore, the moral commitment of the company is expressed in careful environmental management, for the achievement of eco-efficiency, in line with European and worldwide directives, for the protection of the environment, health and safety of workers, customers and the people. In addition, ILPA ADESIVI has achieved recognition for the high standards of legality by the Antitrust Authority and has been awarded the CRIBIS Rating qualification.

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