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Reg. Imp. Bari n.00465900728

Cap. Soc. € 218.400,00 i.v.​


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ILPA ADESIVI s.r.l. was born in 1984 in Bari, as a Family Company, producing mastic for marble, including the famous JOLLY. Successively, it developed products for polishing, cleaning and maintenance of marble and other natural stones. Over the years ILPA has expanded its research, specializing in putties, primers, paints and waxes also for CarCare and BoatCare, for Professional Use and for D-I-Y. It confirmed as International Leader of reference in the marble, Carbody and Nautical markets. ILPA ADESIVI is distinguished for its management of resources, of its Italian know-how, its continuous innovation, rewarded by the trust of a world wide range of customers, who recognizes the true essence of MADE IN ITALY in every single ILPA ADESIVI's product.​




Renato Borricelli

Renato Borricelli, started his career at SAM Abrasivi playing the Commercial role in the company. With his technical studies and his vocation to the ingenuity of new production processes, SAM Abrasivi chose him as Technical Director with the birth of the first Company production product. Initially, the first products were dedicated to the abrasive sector. His intuition in the sector helped him to perceive that the market required new types of products. Thus, the first "JOLLY" marble mastic was created. His entrepreneurial desire for growth led him to create a new Company with the owner of SAM ABRASIVI Mr. Franco Cutrignelli. Initially the production was focused only on mastics for marble but the continuous desire for innovation and growing pushed to improve the range of products for the marble sector with the entry of waxes, resins and water-based products. The success of the market is matched by the unique desire for technological innovation in production with the inauguration of two new product lines dedicated to carbody and nautical markets. With this philosophy, a true corporate identity was created in over 50 countries of the world associated with “Made in Italy” and in search of the continuous improvement of production processes. The constant study of raw materials and the needs of the market have led ILPA to continue investing in research, implementing two internal laboratories, able to design and test new products, keeping the mission and all the standards of the company with high levels. In 2011, in ILPA ADESIVI rose the need of the birth of Board of Directors, for this reason, the role of  CEO passed to his son Amedeo Borricelli as Chief Executive Officer. With this decision, the Board of Directors proudly and honorably nominated Renato Borricelli as President of ILPA ADESIVI, a figure covered in 2019 with a great entrepreneurial spirit and with a great propensity for change, remaining faithful to the soul of ILPA ADESIVI.




Amedeo Borricelli

Amedeo Borricelli, CEO of ILPA ADESIVI. His experience and his spirit of change are felt in ILPA ADESIVI. In July 2011, the Board of Directors asked the succession to his father Renato Borricelli holding the position of Chief Executive Officer. His goal in the company was clear from the beginning, from the relaunching of business reality towards higher and more ambitious goals starting from a very positive basic situation. Immediately, there was a total commercial reorganization with the intent to penetrate new markets. In this reorganization phase, a technical and structural restyling of the company was not lacking, and then it reached 2015. 2015, for ILPA ADESIVI, is considered as “Zero date” of a new reality. The zero point marks the beginning of a phase that ILPA ADESIVI had never had, the beginning of new awareness for new mission, so in the structures of ILPA ADESIVI the project of "general automation of the company" was started with the cost of 2 million euros. Attention to the best available technology and the continuous improvement of environmental performance have also been aimed at the ecological compatibility of production processes and products that have led the company to the presentation of new types of products with low environmental impact. With this innovative ability, A. Borricelli strongly wanted to believe in the continuous investment dedicated to laboratory research, strengthening a strictly Italian know-how, thus giving ILPA ADESIVI an International and highly professional appeal. His prospects as Chief Executive Officer continue to enrich the desire for growing to improve production capacities. In 2019 another confirmation with the purchase of three new technical machines dedicated to the immediate development of production capacity. In January 2019 Amedeo Borricelli was nominated President of Confindustria Bari-Bar for the chemical section with the goals of new awareness and information about “Green Chemistry”.



The Company is identified by the continuous technological improvement and environmental performance creating products with low environmental impact without styrene. This is the reason why it has got two chemical laboratories inside the building of production, where new products are tested with more than 500 formulas.



The company has always tried to combine Industrial Technology with the customization of  each product with a special environmental management policy, for the respect of nature and workers, in line with European and global Directives. ILPA's mission is expressed through a careful company management to achieve an eco-efficiency, in line with all international and worldwide directives, for the protection of the environment. In addition, the Company achieved a special recognition for the high standards of Legality by  Italian Competition Authority and has been awarded the CRIBIS Rating Qualification.