Ilpa Adesivi Srl

A 40 years of long storySTORY

Founded in early 1980s, today ilpa adesivi is a national and international reference company for the distribution of chemical products of the stone, automotive and nautical industry.


A family business

Tradition and innovationProud of their roots

Thus confirming itself as the international leader of reference for the marble, bodywork and nautical sectors.

ILPA ADESIVI stands out for its resource management, the birth and evolution of its savoir-faire and its continuous innovation, so as to be rewarded by the trust of a wide international range of customers, who recognize the true essence of MADE IN ITALY in every single product ILPA ADESIVI.

ILPA Stickers S.r.l. was founded in 1984 in the industrial area of Bari, as a family business, with a line of professional products for marble processing, including the famous mastic.

Over the years it has expanded and deepened its research, specializing in fillers, primers, varnishes and waxes also for bodywork and nautical repairs, for professional use and for do-it-yourself.​



Ilpa Adesivi srl is born

with the production of mastics for marble

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it is added to the production

Max and Siderplast – the product line dedicated to the bodywork

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it is decided to inaugurate

LEVANTE – The product line dedicated to boating

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The first board of directors is born

Amedeo Borricelli becomes CEO and Renato Borricelli President of ILPA ADESIVI

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LINEA BLU is born

The first line of products in the world without styrene and completely odorless

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Ilpa Stickers invests

2 million euros for general company automation

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Ilpa Stickers won the International Award as the best eco-friendly product of the year

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Amedeo Borricelli, CEO della Ilpa Adesivi

becomes President of the chemical section of Confindustria Bari-Bat

and technical coordinator of the chemical table of Confindustria Puglia

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Consolidating our leadership on the Italian market is the result of over 40 years of experience in the field of the chemical industry with a great vocation for internationalization. Our corporate mission has always been to associate the combination of tradition and technological innovation which translates into proximity to customers and the products offered, so as to create customized and highly performing solutions that are increasingly oriented to a constantly changing market. Economy, sustainability and innovation are the objectives of Ilpa Stickers's corporate policy.
Renato Borricelli, President of Ilpa Adesivi

A figure covered with great entrepreneurial spirit and with an enormous propensity for changeBorricelli


Renato Borricelli, President of Ilpa Adesivi, began his career at SAM Abrasives, as a sales manager of the company. With his technical studies and his vocation for the ingenuity of new production processes, SAM Abrasivi chose him as Technical Director with the birth of the company’s first production product. Initially first products were dedicated only to the abrasive sector. His market intuition helped him to perceive new neccesities of different types of products.

Thus, “JOLLY” the mastic for marble was produced. His entrepreneurial desire and growth let him to create a business company with the owner of SAM ABRASIVI, Mr. Franco Cutrignelli. It is precisely from this important and significant collaboration that ILPA ADESIVI came to life. Initially, the production was focused only on mastics for marble but the continuous desire for innovation and growth led to the implementation of the range of products for the marble sector with the addition of waxes, resins and water-based products.

The success of the market matches the inalienable desire for technological extension in production with the inauguration of two new product lines dedicated to automotive and nautical. With this philosophy, a real corporate identity was created in over 50 countries around the world associated with Made in Italy and in the search for continuous improvement of the production process. The constant study of raw materials and market needs have led ILPA to continue investing in research, implementing two internal chemical laboratories, capable of designing and testing new products.

In 2011, the neccesity for the creation of a board of directors arose within ILPA ADESIVI, therefore, the role of Sole Director passed to his son Amedeo Borricelli as CEO. With this decision, the Board of Directors proudly and honorably appointed Renato Borricelli as President of ILPA ADESIVI, a figure he covered in 2019 with a great entrepreneurial spirit and an enormous propensity to change while remaining faithful to the ILPA ADESIVI soul.

Amedeo Borricelli, CEO of ILPA ADESIVI

His goal in the company was clear right from the start: to relaunch the company towards higher and more ambitious goals.Borricelli

Amedeo Borricelli, CEO of ILPA ADESIVI. The experience and the spirit of change are nurtured within ILPA ADESIVI. In July 2011, the Board of Directors asked his father Renato Borricelli to take over, holding the position of Chief Executive Officer. His goal in the company was clear right from the start, that of relaunching the business reality to higher and more ambitious goals, starting from a very positive basic situation. Immediately, there was a total commercial reorganization with the goal to penetrate new markets that had never been taken into consideration until then. In this phase of reorganization, there was no lack of a technical and structural restyling of the company before reaching 2015. The 2015, for Ilpa Adesivi, was the data zero of a new era. This point was the beginning of a new time that Ilpa Adesivi never had before. A new automation project was created, with the cost of 2 milion of euros.

The attention to the best technology and the continuous improvement of environmental performance were also aimed at the ecological compatibility of the production processes and products that led the company to the presentation of new types of products with a low environmental impact. With this innovative skill, A. Borricelli strongly wanted to believe in the continuous investment dedicated to laboratory research, reinforcing the Italian know-how to give ILPA ADESIVI an international and highly professional appeal. His prospects as Chief Executive Officer continue to be enriched with the desire for growth of increasingly expanded production capabilities.

Prospects are confirmed in 2019 with the purchase of three new machines dedicated to the immediate development of production capacity and in 2020 a new automatic warehouse. In January 2019 Amedeo Borricelli was nominated by CONFINDUSTRIA BARI-BAT, President of the chemical section with objectives of great awareness for the protection of the environment and for the awareness of the “green chemistry”.


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