Clean Detergent



Universal Cleaning Without Compromises

Unbeatable Effectiveness on Every Surface: Ilpa Adesivi Clean is the perfect universal detergent for obtaining impeccable cleaning without damaging surfaces. Ideal for marble, ceramic, stoneware and synthetic flooring, this product guarantees extraordinary results in both professional and domestic environments. Its advanced formula removes the most stubborn dirt without compromising the polishing of marble and granite, keeping every surface shiny and protected.


Versatility and Delicacy in Every Drop

Suitable for Any Cleaning Needs: Whether you’re looking to keep your home floors sparkling or efficiently clean surfaces in a professional environment, Clean is the solution for you. Its powerful and effective action is able to clean deeply with small quantities of product, proving economical and practical. Simply dilute it in water to obtain a detergent suitable for any type of floor, always ensuring safe and complete cleaning.


Simple to Use, Safe on Any Material

Deep Cleaning Without Streaks: With Clean, cleaning becomes child’s play. Its formula is designed to be used simply: dilute a small amount in water, apply to surfaces and rinse for a flawless result. Clean leaves no residue or streaks, maintaining the integrity and natural shine of the materials. Perfect for daily use and for maintaining surfaces, it is an irreplaceable ally for your cleaning routine.

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