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Fenix putty for cars is a made In Italy product, designed to model the carbody quickly and perfectly.

The two-component putty Fenix 4141 is the latest formulation of ILPA ADESIVI. Its technical features are: excellent adhesion and application, good workability, remarkable elasticity and rapid drying. The high adhesive power, the ease of modeling and spreading it, make Fenix the right product of the highest quality in a premium line. Its extraordinary and unique sandability allows, first of all, to obtain a very smooth and uniform surface, which is essential to ensure good adherence of the paint and a perfect final appearance.

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Fenix 4141 is extremly easy to being molded and shaped, that makes it ideal for filling the smallest defects and perfecting the surface before applying the paint. Finally, it has been designed to be tough and durable to offer reliable protection for the car bodywork against weather damage and scratches.

Our super sandable car putty is the right solution to guarantee an impeccable final result, protect the surface of the carbody and improve the strength and durability of the car over time.


  • Make sure that the surfaces to be grouted are perfectly dry and clean, in case of application on bare sheet metal, sand it with P 80 and P 150 abrasive papers;
  • Take the quantity to use from the can with clean tools, adding 1 – 3 grams of hardener for every 100 grams of product;
  • Mix this quantity by amalgamating the two components well;
  • Apply the filler on the surface to be worked on, bearing in mind that the product can be sanded (P 80 – P 120 dry grit) after about thirty minutes; the hardening times can be altered according to the ambient temperature: they shorten with temperatures above 25°C and lengthen with lower temperatures;
  • Do not put catalysed and/or unused grout back into the can to prevent the entire contents of the can from deteriorating;
  • Close the jar after use, in order to prevent the product from hardening in contact with air.

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