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Bicomponent filler composed of high-boiling acrylic and methacrylic solvents and quick drying unsaturated polyester resins. BLU filler contains less than 250g/l of volatile organic compounds, in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree 161 of 27/03/2006 and the relative European Directive 1004/42/EC. Ideal for all car bodywork repair, it can be applied using a spatula and has good adhesion and sanding properties. It can be directly overpainted using any kind of product thanks to its light colour. It is completely odorless and can be applied to bare sheet metal, new sheet metal parts and galvanised sheet metal, inox, aluminium, wood, plastic and directly on polystyrene.

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  • Check that the surfaces to be filled are perfectly dry and clean. When applying to bare sheet metal, sand it down first using P 80 and P 150 grit sandpaper;
  • Take the desired amount of product from the tin using clean tools, adding 1 – 3 grams of hardening agent for every 100 grams of product;
  • Mix well ensuring that the two components are blended together properly;
  • Apply the filler on the surface to be treated, taking into account that the product can be sanded down (P 80 – P 120 grit from dry) after around forty minutes; hardening times may vary depending on the room temperature: shorter at temperatures above 25 °C and longer at temperatures below;
  • Do not put cured and/or unused filler into the tin as it could damage the entire content;

Close the tin after use in order to prevent the hardening of the product due to exposure to air.


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