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MAX TRASPARENTE HS is a two-component high-thickness transparent varnish, specific for the finishing of any metal surface. Its characteristic is featured by the capacity to not turn into yellow over time, by the resistance to atmospheric agents and by the brightness of the final effect and by its adjustable drying thanks to the 4 types of hardeners (slow, normal, rapid and express).

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– Choose the hardener in the types: slow, normal, rapid or express according to the ambient temperature and the humidity present in the atmosphere.

– Mix the clear coat by adding the hardener.

– Spray using a 1.2-1.4 mm nozzle, with an HVLP airbrush at a pressure of 2-3 bar or with a normal gun at higher pressures; a light pass plus a full pass or at least two passes of equal thickness is recommended.

– Apply MAX Trasparente Acrilico in recommended thicknesses, with the right pressure, with compressed air equipped with a dryer, otherwise pitting may occur;

– In case of repainting make sure that the film is perfectly dry;


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