Prime Shield 200



Prime Shield 200 is a milky white water-based protective coating ideal for marble and other natural stone. This product penetrates deeply into the stone, reacting with free calcium to form an insoluble compound. Thanks to this action, it becomes highly resistant to stains, water and abrasion, without altering its appearance.

To use it, it is important to carefully clean the surface of any dust residues, avoiding the use of acidic detergents. If alkaline detergents, such as R155, have been used, it is advisable to neutralize the surface. Subsequently, distribute the product evenly on the surface, avoiding the formation of any accumulations. Leave to act for at least 20 minutes, keeping the surface moist, adding more product if necessary. Once dry, the surface is ready for use, without requiring any rinsing. If desired, it is possible to proceed with polishing the surface. 1 Liter pack

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