Putty Gelcoat 4in1 Colourable



Maximum Versatility for Repair and Finishing

Repair and Finish with Ease: ILPA’s 4in1 Gelcoat Stucco is the definitive solution for those looking for a versatile product that simplifies the repair and finishing of fiberglass and composite materials surfaces. This multifunctional filler combines the functions of filler, filler, primer and finish, making it ideal for marine professionals and DIY enthusiasts. With just one application, you can resolve cracks, imperfections and prepare the surface for a flawless finish, saving time and ensuring long-lasting results.


Innovation that Guarantees Professional Results

Advanced Formula and Perfect Adhesion: The secret of the 4in1 Gelcoat Stucco lies in its innovative formulation, designed to provide exceptional adhesion and a uniform finish on any type of surface. Its creamy consistency allows for easy and uniform application, ensuring perfect fusion with the original substrate. Whether you are working on boat hulls, automotive components or architectural structures, this product ensures professional results and unrivaled resistance over time.


Customize with Ease and Guaranteed Durability

Colorable and Resistant: The Neutral version of the 4in1 Gelcoat Stucco offers unique flexibility thanks to the possibility of coloring with polyester coloring pastes. This allows you to customize the product to exactly fit your aesthetic needs, without compromising on quality and durability. Each package is made following rigorous control standards, ensuring that the product maintains its exceptional adhesion and finishing properties over time, saving you future interventions and guaranteeing unbeatable durability.

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