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The two-component stucco 4122 is one of the latest Ilpa Adesivi’s products. Softness and creaminess allow a simple and perfect application of the product, while the rapid drying speeds up production rates. Furthermore, it is also applicable at high temperatures, for example 60 ° C, without any dripping.

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The features of the hardened product are excellent: the high adhesive capacity allows it to be used on bare sheets, new sheets and galvanized sheets; good elasticity and excellent sanding guarantee the final result.



– Application with a spatula is recommended

– Equipped with DBP paste catalyst: 1-3%

– Gel Time: 4-5 minutes

– Touch free: 15 minutes

– Complete drying: <1h

– Sanding: After 25 minutes P80-120

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Weight 2,450 kg


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