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The new two-component putty SIDERPLAST SUPER PLASTIC is the product studied for plastic, a formulation based on high quality unsaturated polyester resins; Its thixotropy and malleability allow you to effortlessly recreate contours and profiles. Featured by excellent adhesion and a short hardening time.

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Easy to apply and to sand with special cap to properly mix the putty and hardener. A good sandpaper is recommended to prepare and finish the grouting. Ideal for filling scratches or damage and for post-treatment of plastic parts in general.


 Make sure that the surfaces to be grouted are perfectly dry and clean, sand them with P 80 and P 150 abrasive papers;

 Take the quantity to use from the jar with clean tools, adding 1 – 3 grams of hardener for every 100 grams of product;

 Mix this quantity by mixing the two components well;

 Apply the grout on the surface to be worked, bearing in mind that the product can be sanded (grain P 80 – P 120 dry) after about 25-30 minutes; hardening times can be altered according to the ambient temperature: they shorten with temperatures above 25 ° C and lengthen with lower temperatures;

 Do not put catalyzed and / or unused putty back in the jar to prevent the entire contents of the jar from deteriorating;

Close the jar after use, in order to prevent the product from hardening in contact with air.

– Application with a spatula is recommended

– Equipped with DBP paste catalyst: 1-3%

– Gel Time: 2-4 minutes

– Touch free: 10-12 minutes

– Complete drying: <1h

– Sanding: 25-30 minutes

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