To ship all chemical products, very strict regulations must be followed, for the safety of the territory crossed and of the operators involved in loading, unloading and transport operations.

Chemical products are therefore defined as “dangerous goods” and as such follow regulations that maintain high safety standards.

Land transport is governed by the ADR agreement, valid throughout Europe, the RID is valid for rail, while sea transport follows the IMDG international code and air shipments are regulated by IATA.

The goods to be sent for transport, by land, by sea, by air and multimodal, must be properly packaged, following precise indications encoded in the manuals that regulate the various types of transport. The shipper is responsible for the correct packaging and related labeling of the products he sends for transport.

Most of our products are packaged in combined packaging (external cardboard box, containing an internal metal jar) so that you can travel ADR exempt, therefore without the need for an ADR license by the carrier, both by land and by sea. For larger formats we use approved packaging, secured on pallets with angles and shrink-wrapping and when loaded in containers they are secured by means of locking devices.

The essential information governing the transport of our goods is indicated in chapter 14 of the safety data sheets.

For any further questions you can contact quality@ilpa.it or shipments@ilpa.it

Our added value for companies

The ADR transport legislation affects our chemicals that contain hazardous substances. Our division has the most appropriate experience and sensitivity to manage the service in a flexible way, thanks to the variety of solutions available for logistics and transport in ADR.

We transport the goods by customizing the subdivision of the products according to the requests of our customers. The products can travel both in pallets and on single load units, in IBC plastic tanks, big bags or even in sacks and bins, always in compliance with local legislation and global regulation.

There are several factors that guarantee our customers one of the best ADR transport services by road, sea and air:

  • constant monitoring of the suitability of the vehicles to be used to perform the transport;
  • qualified carriers, with all the necessary authorizations for handling dangerous goods;
  • transport of pallets in groupage or partial-full loads;
  • urgent and express ADR shipments;
  • goods storage service at our warehouses;
  • even dangerous goods in limited quantities can be transported with maximum safety;
  • operations of loading / unloading and storage of dangerous goods in total safety;
  • very strict cargo securing controls

We plan shipments of products under ADR regime with our experienced staff

The availability of skilled and trained internal resources in ADR matters guarantees our customers the offer of punctual transport solutions. Over the years, the dangerous goods market has assumed an ever greater importance, such as to require shippers to have a higher level of attention and responsibility. Shipping to ADR requires very precise and accurate transport: specific skills and great rigor are required in the application of the procedures required by European legislation active since 1957.

Safe transport in ADR: we ship everywhere by truck, sea or air

If you are a company active in the transport of chemical products and have an interest in growing on the foreign market, it may be useful to get to know our capabilities more closely. The transport of dangerous material is carried out by us, with the utmost attention to current legislation, by truck (ADR), by sea (IMDG), by air (IATA) and by train (RID).

To reduce the risk of accidents to people and the environment during the loading, transport and unloading of products, the goods are subjected to close observation at all stages of the logistics process.

Find now the fastest, safest and most complete solution for the transport of dangerous goods.

We listen to the needs of our customers by guaranteeing them an efficient service


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