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Thanks to the total absence of styrene, BLU Mastic is an ultimate product suitable for welding and filling any kind of marble and natural stones. The new formula, a mix of unsatured polyester resins and high boiling acrylic and methacrylic solvents, has got better physical and mechanical characteristics than common mastics. BLU mastic has an impressive adhesive feature on stones, marbles and concrete; in the meantime, it reduces health risks since the product is not dangerous.

Its versatility in the application is granted by Tixo and Liquid versions, both fast drying to speed up your work.

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  • Make sure that the surface to be treated is completely dry and clean;
  • Draw the needed quantity from the tin by using clean tools, adding 1 to 3 grams of hardener per 100 grams of product;
  • Mix well the two components;
  • Apply the mastic on the surface you want bonding of filling. Keep in mind that the mastic can be polished after 30 minutes; hardening time will shorten if the temperature is over 25 °C and will longer if lower;
  • Do not put any unused product back into the tin to avoid deterioration of the entire content;

Close the tin after using, to avoid the product hardening in contact with air.


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