Max transparent acrylic HS Anti-scratch

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MAX TRANSPARENT LOW VOC is a two-component, high-thickness, transparent varnish suitable for all types of finishing works on metal surfaces.

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MAX transparent varnish is ideal for pastel, metallic or pearly bases and can be combined with water-based systems.

– Choose the hardener: slow, normal, rapid or express according to the ambient temperature and the humidity present in the atmosphere. Mix the clear coat by adding the hardener.

– It is advisable to apply the product using an airbrush with gravity cup of the HLVP type, in recommended thicknesses with the right pressure of compressed air equipped with a dryer, otherwise there could be pitting defects. A light pass plus a full pass or a single coat is recommended. Do not apply on damp surfaces.

The price refers to the purchase of the  product, without its hardener.


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