Putty Jolly – Black Color Tixo

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Jolly is a putty based on combined synthetic resins and is mainly used for welding and grouting all types of marble and natural stone. Very tenacious in grip, it becomes very hard and perfectly polishable after consolidation.

Colour: The Jolly thixo version putty is black in colour, making it suitable for applications where you want a black finish or want to hide the crack or sealed joint. Jolly thixo version putty is often formulated to resist bad weather, humidity and extreme temperatures, making it suitable for outdoor applications or in harsh environments. The thixo version of Jolly putty offers robust adhesion to a variety of surfaces, ensuring that sealed joints remain stable and secure over time. Jolly tixo version is a versatile black adhesive and sealant that offers adhesion, flexibility and weather resistance for a variety of industrial and construction applications.

Minimum product order: 66 jars. Total 82 kg

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